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Welcome to! is a global, not-for-profit knowledge exchange initiative, open to anyone interested in geological and environmental data.

This is a community driven site, providing free and open access to data model designs.

The initial suite of data models published on are largely based upon existing relational databases for geological surveys, however, we welcome contributions from all areas of data modelling especially those involved in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), XML or applications development.

Call for expressions of interest

Funding for the initial knowledge exchange project that lead to the creation of this website and its content ceased in 2014. Since then there have been very few updates to our content yet there have been a steady stream of downloads over the last few years. If you are interested in contributing or have a strong interest in continuing to consume the outputs from this project please contact us.

Selected Designs

For a full list of data model designs, please visit the data models library. Metadata, geophysics and geochemistry data models are three of the most popular designs.

The Spatial Metadata design by the BGS is a free to use data model that incorpoirates the key principles of international standards such as the European INSPIRE Directive and ISO 19115.

Simplified Metadata data model diagram.
A simplified geochmistry data model is based upon the current geochemistry database used by the British Geological Survey (BGS).

Simplified geochemistry data model diagram.
Simplified Metadata data model diagram.

The Geophyical Database GERDA developed by the Danish geological survey GEUS, described in data model diagram and table definitions