Lexicon of Named Rocks data model

Lexicon datamodel ER diagram.

This lexicon data model is based upon the latest version of the BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units database.

The BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units Database holds information about all allostratigraphical, lithostratigraphical and lithodemic units of member (or equivalent) and higher rank that are used, or have been used, on BGS maps and in BGS publications. It includes information about lesser named units, notably beds (and their equivalents), and some information about names not currently recognised by the BGS or now regarded as obsolete.

About the data model

We have simplified the model to some extent because we want to highlight the essence of the database but not to present an overly complex design.

We have removed some features and tables which relate to concepts which are specific to the BGS and which may not be relevant to other organisations.

We hope that this design can provide one example of how you might structure a Lexicon data model while highlighting areas that require further consideration when designing a lexicon database.


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We can also provide examples for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLServer on request.

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