Focus on Africa - Survey results

During the Colloquium of African Geology (CAG24), January 2013 a survey was carried out to assess which data models, according to the delegates, were the most valuable in African geoscience.

It is fair to say that the results are likely to have been influenced by the areas of research represented at the conference and that different geoscience communities will have different priorities. For example, members of the mineral exploration industry were also surveyed about which types of geodata were the most improtant with regards to supporting investment decisions and exploration. See the report Geodata for development a practical approach by David Ovadia et al, 2012 for more infoprmation.

Selected findings

  • 78 responses were recieved
  • Most popular topics: Geophysics, Geochemistry and Ground Water
  • We really want to find someone with a Geophysics data model to share

A lot of people said they would like to be kept informed or would review designs, if this included you, why not say hello via email.

Survey Results


If you have any suggestions or data models you would like to share please contact Carl Watson